Quad SafeStation

Did you know that the four muscles that make up the Quad are among the strongest in the body?

Each muscle has its own purpose, but together, they help us stand, walk, and run…

critical functions to our everyday activity.

The back-to-back footprint allows your team to work together as one, while focusing on the task at hand confidently knowing that they are in a safe space.

Each operator has a spacious 66”L x 30”D Hi-Pressure Laminate Work Surface with Modesty Back Panels.

A track mounted Double-Jointed Flat Panel Extension Arm – 14” affords the user optimal control and flexibility.

Additionally, the station is equipped with an overhead Mounting Shelf, Storage Box with LED Light Bar and an Under Desk Mount Drawer Set. Power and Cable Management also included.

Complete your workspace with an ergonomic Office Chair with lumbar support for maximum comfort, Under Desk Keyboard/Mouse Tray with Articulating Arm and Acrylic Shield Barriers for added protection.





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