Why Should You Choose Hergo?

The Product:
The sturdiest in the industry

  • All of our steel products have a lifetime warranty.
  • Our frames are fully welded on all sides (not just a rectangle made up of bolted “stretchers”).
  • Frame uprights, legs and brackets are made of heavy-duty 11-gauge steel.
  • Hergo’s Mounting Shelf weight capacity is 300lb., Floor Shelf is 500lb. and Desktop with Telescopic Leg Support is 500lb. All applies for every 30″ length of supported surface and when load is evenly distributed.

Did you know that the lower the gauge number . . . the thicker and stronger the steel.

Ergonomic and Functional

Hergo’s products are considered by many leading Fortune 500 companies to be the most functional, adaptable and ergonomic in the industry.

  • Our unique 1-inch safe-slotting engagement does not require any tools when mounting or rearranging the shelf configuration. All shelf desktops and peripherals are height adjustable in 1-inch increments.
  • The modular components are easy and quick to assemble or reconfigure

Made with the highest quality materials at competitive prices

  • Hergo uses the finest high-pressure laminated products from WilsonArt, a worldwide leader in decorative surfacing material. We do not use plastic or other inferior material.
  • Hergo’s steel products are powder-coated, providing superior quality and durability, as well as improved ultraviolet, corrosion and erosion resistance . . . making them environmentally-friendly and an excellent choice for use in clean rooms and hospital environments.

And …
Hergo understands technology

We grew out of one of the first PC manufacturing companies in the industry, Hertz Computer Corporation. Hergo was the first company to introduce technical furniture solutions for the computing environment. Our products are designed by computer engineers who understand the needs of technology-driven businesses.

Hergo is an original manufacturer – Not a broker

  • Our focus is service and satisfaction.
  • We offer free, pre-sale consultation and CAD drawings to help our customers best utilize their workspace.
  • We provide quick turnaround on standard configurations.
  • We offer on-site installation in most of the U.S.A.

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Why Hergo ?

  • The sturdiest in the industry
  • Ergonomic and Functional
  • Made with the highest quality materials at competitive prices
  • Hergo understands technology
  • Hergo is an original manufacturer – Not a broker