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Hergo’s exclusive open rack modular furniture systems meet the demands of today’s fast-paced world of technology. These total assemblies are designed by technology professionals who understand your need for flexible products that easily adapt to changing environments. Choose one of our single, double, triple or corner units as shown or customize a unit to your specifications with the following options:Frames

  • Legs
  • Desktops
  • Mounting, Tilted, Monitor Track and Book Shelves
  • Storage Compartments
  • Modesty Back and Side Panels
  • Casters and Gliders
  • 19″ Rack Mount Bracket Kits
  • Seismic Shock Support Brackets
  • Drawers & File Cabinets

Our ergonomically engineered, functional modular technical office furniture is designed to be a long term investment in workspace efficiency, versatility and productivity. The systems feature a variety of interchangeable parts, most of which are standard components, which make it easier for computer professionals, MIS directors and network administrators to add new equipment or reconfigure existing structures.

  • 95-LONDO-N00


    Hergo’s computer office furniture is available in a variety of easy-to-install configurations. You will never lose your investment in Hergo's computer office furniture, since you will always be able to add, take-away or reconfigure the system to fit your new requirements or your new computer room design. Our spacious London configuration features a “U” shaped rack system and workstation which includes high pressure laminated desktops, lockable storage compartments, LCD suspension systems and much more. As with all of our products, the London computer office furniture configuration is backed by Hergo’s lifetime warranty.
  • Introducing the Hergo Commando 007 Command Center. A multi-tasker's dream, the Hergo Commando 007 give users an oppportunity to view 7 flat panel screens at once while providing plenty of work space below the monitors for maximum productivity. The 42"H frames feature Hergo's exclusive 1" vertical slotting design to make repositioning equipment a snap, and the Orbiter flat panel monitor extension arms give users the flexibility of in and out and up and down movement for the best viewing angle. There are 2 pull-out floor shelves underneath the desk for easy access to servers. An articulating keyboard tray tucks neatly under the high-pressure laminated work surface when not in use. The configuration also includes horizontal power and cable management. Optional side enclosure and modesty back panels are also available when closing off a work space is essential.
  • Hergo offers interchangeable components for all open frame workstations. Mount your CPU on a Leg, Desktop or a Pull-Out Floor Shelf.
  • Hergo's LAN furniture design features 1" vertical slotting, allowing the user to mount on the front and back of the unit, saving valuable space and expense.  This 2-sided workstation has 30" deep work surfaces with articulating keyboard/mouse trays on each side of the unit.
  • Hergo's low-profile L-shaped workstation is perfect for a single operator. The angled footprint is small enough that it can easily fit into a corner of a room, but there is plenty of desk top space with monitors mounted above to allow a multi-tasker to compartmentalize. Add an under desk keyboard tray or pencil drawer to complete the look.
  • MIDI Workstation


    Hergo offers technical computer furniture in a variety of heights ranging from 30"H to 84"H. Low Profile units like this one are perfect for windowed areas or spaces where limited vertical space or low ceilings is of concern.
  • The Geneva server rack is part of Hergo’s extensive line of modular office furniture.  Ideal for data centers, hospitals, training centers or other technology-centered environments.
  • Ergonomic office furniture from Hergo can maximize space in your command center or computer room. Our open racking Los Angeles configuration is an 84”H corner workstation designed for both comfort and productivity. It accommodates all your computer and data equipment in one efficient corner unit. Vertical 1” front and back slotting makes it easy to position and reposition equipment to the user’s specific requirements.
  • If you are looking for multi-frame computer furniture for your office, command center or large server network, the New York open rack configuration is an ideal choice. Featuring heavy-duty frames, premium high pressure laminate desks, monitor track LCD extensions and more, the New York computer furniture system packs a ton of equipment storage into a comfortably-sized, yet space-efficient, corner unit. As with all of our products, the New York computer furniture configuration is backed by Hergo’s lifetime warranty.
  • Equip your computer room with Hergo’s modular open rack computer workstation furniture systems.   Ergonomically engineered, the San Francisco computer workstation furniture configuration is a cost-effective, long-term investment in workspace efficiency. It features interchangeable parts and 1” vertical front and back slotting that make it easy for computer professionals, MIS directors and network administrators to add new equipment or reconfigure existing structures. The San Francisco computer workstation also features a sturdy 72"W x 30"D desktop made with fine, high-pressure laminate from Pionite.
  • Hergo’s office computer furniture has a multitude of applications for command centers, workstations, computer rooms and other technical environments. Modularly designed, our cost-effective office computer furniture features 1” vertical front and back slots that make adding new equipment or reconfiguring existing structures easy and quick.
  • Ergonomic computer furniture can increase worker productivity. That’s why busy work environments demand Hergo’s Venice double frame workstation. As with all of our open rack systems, this rugged technical computer furniture configuration is specially designed with 1” vertical front and back slots. You can easily position and reconfigure equipment for optimal usability and comfort.